Hydra Original

HYDRA ORIGINAL Moisturizing Melting Cream
Phytomer Hydra Original has been re-formulated and re-packaged. Including a GWP!

HYDRA ORIGINAL Moisturizing Melting Cream.

THE HYDRATION ICON REVISITED— A formula as sensorial as ever with more natural, effective ingredients. Experience the new HYDRA ORIGINAL Cream with 97% naturally derived ingredients and boosted moisturizing results. This iconic cream provides an optimal sensory experience thanks to its light melting texture, its delicate marine notes and the thirst-quenching formula enriched with organic Weaving Algae Oil that fortifies the hydrolipidic film for intense and long-lasting hydration.

Tote bag is available now thru August 31st or while supplies last. Your tote will be automatically shipped with your Hydra Original order.