Dermaplane razor
Let's clear one thing up first and foremost.
It's a question that just won't die and all women over a certain age grew up being told that shaving makes your hair grow back darker, thicker, faster.

The answer to this question is a resounding, NO.

In fact, there are many positive aspects to dermablading your skin a couple of times per month.

1. Get rid of all the peach 🍑 fuzz.

2. Prolonged use lightens hyper-pigmentation (age spots).

3. Collagen stimulation (this starts to decline in our 30’s).

4. Softens fine lines. (See #3).

5. Skincare products go deeper and are more effective.👏🏼

6. Make-up goes on smoother.

Use each dermablade about 3-5 times, depending on the amount and texture of facial hair. Be sure to clean and sanitize with a sanitizer.

Dermaplane approximately every 3 weeks. Again, depending on the amount and thickness of your facial hair.