I-N Then and Now Hair Care Edition

Intelligent Haircare
The evolution of haircare and styling: Experience the difference.

Styling products that benefit your hair beyond the finished look with replenishing, repairing plant actives. Your favorite I-N styling products, reimagined. See how these new products compare to your tried and true.

I-N haircare and styling products deliver superior, luxurious results with sustainability, transparency, and safety. We’re as obsessed with performance as we are with protecting the planet. Our proven plant science elevates good choices into a healthy scalp and great hair.


Liz gardens said…
Thank you for the 'then and now' product comparison for hair care! If you could also do that for the skin care products, that would be wonderful! I am out or almost out of several things and now not sure what to purchase.
Hi Liz! As soon as it’s available I’ll post.