I-N - Reimagined

INtelligent ProductsWe're so excited for the I-N relaunch!
We've added all of the available haircare and skincare products to our site.

I-N has reformulated, repackaged and reimagined their haircare, skincare and body care collection.

I-N continues to exist to change the world of beauty for the better.

We live and create by a zero-compromise approach: everything I-N makes must be clinically proven to work, safe for the planet, cruelty-free, and truly effective.

I-N re-imagined delivers an evolved look, new brand name and logo, super-sustainable packaging, enhanced formulas and the same certified organic aromas you love. All designed to communicate our commitment to choosing plants and cutting edge science for you and the planet.

Luxurious and environmentally conscious packaging.

1. Harnessing the power of plants.

2. Sourcing only the purest, highest-performing ingredients from all corners of the world using only advanced, highly sustainable and ethical methods.

3. Minimal, environmentally conscious packaging made of recyclable or post-consumer recycled materials.

4. Creating every one of our high-performing, luxurious products without doing undue harm to the environment.

For more than a decade, Intelligent I-N™ has been at the forefront of efficacious plant-based products, next-level scientific discovery, sustainable practices, and ethical luxury.

At the root of all their work is a simple goal: empowering people to make Intelligent™ choices. People like their scientists, their consumers, and you.

They're driven to provide people with the tools and knowledge they need to choose beauty products and practices that are healthy for their bodies, aligned with their values, and sustainable for the planet.