Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Transitioners Tips

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Are you ready to go natural?

Not ready to do the ‘BIG CHOP’ and cut off all of your relaxed hair just yet?

Here are some tips to help you make the transition from relaxed hair to a full head of beautiful, healthy, natural hair without cutting it all off right away!

* Remember, you cannot wash out a relaxer. The structure of your hair has been chemically altered and no amount of shampoo or vinegar can remove a relaxer from your hair. You must either grow it out or cut it off.

* The line of demarcation is the area where your new growth meets your relaxed hair, which is very weak and prone to breakage. It is important to keep your hair moisturized and detangled in order to avoid breakage. Always use a wide-tooth comb and good detangling conditioner such as KNOT TODAY TM.

* Do not use heated styling tools during your transition. A blow dryer with a comb attachment can stretch and break the hair. A flat iron or pressing comb used regularly or even just once at too high a temperature can burn the cuticle layer and damage the natural hair that is growing in. High temperatures from heated styling tools can break the sulfide bonds of our hair which can cause your hair to straighten out resulting in many different textures on your head.

* Opt for styles that will blend the two different textures of hair such as roller sets, straw sets or two-strand twist sets. Use of a good styling serum such as SPIRAL SPRITZ TM will ensure a longer lasting frizz free style. Other styles such as braids, flat twists or individual twists also work well to protect the hair and blend the two textures.

* Trim hair regularly during the transition phase as your natural hair grows in cutting off a bit of relaxed ends each time.

* Heal your scalp to prevent 'scab hair'. After years of applying chemical relaxers to your scalp your follicles may become damaged. The shape of the follicle determines the texture of your hair and as new hair grows in through a damaged follicle the result can be dry, rough hair also known as scab hair. A healing scalp tonic can prevent or minimize this.

* When your hair has reached a length that you are comfortable with you can cut off the remainder of the relaxed hair and enjoy the versatility of having natural hair. Some of the styles you used to transition with can still be used now that you are 100% natural. You can roller set on large rollers for a straight/wavy look or twist or braid set for a crinkly look. And best of all you can now sport a wash and go look using CURLING CUSTARD TM,  Apply to wet hair out of the shower, air dry or use a diffuser and go.


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