Intelli-Sense Candle

Intelligent I-N Intelli-Sense Candle
Turn on your senses.

New from Intelligent I-N.

99% certified organic essential oil aroma/flavors of bright citrus orange, sweet raspberry grounded with warm vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood and more create the perfect ambiance while making your cells sing.

Their aromatic essential oil blends are the heart of every Intelligent product. Made from the purest, most potent, certified organic essential oils available, their proprietary essential oil blends provide active properties to cool, calm, protect or preserve while indulging the senses. And they smell delicious, naturally.

Scents That Make Sense:
Essential oils that work with your body chemistry versus against it.

0 synthetic aromas:
Pure, potent and unadulterated certified organic essential oils, not manmade wannabe fragrance.

0 paraffin wax:
Soft, plant-based wax melts evenly.