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Plucked! Virtual Bazaar

Plucked! Virtual Bazaar
Shop Plucked!, the Twin Cities' freshest, new market concept, where makers with moxie Pop the spotlight bright!

Join us May 10th for 48 hours of virtual shopping at the Plucked! Virtual Bazaar!

In a modern, shopping twist, Plucked! showcases elevated goods & services in an advanced merchandising manner -- think thoughtful themes vs. creative chaos.
> Plucked! Virtual Bazaar is an exciting new shopping event -  coming to a phone, tablet or laptop near you!

> Plucked! NEW & UNIQUE
Watch out! Because Plucked! will be introducing you to some new-to-the-scene artisans and products, as well as your favorite makers and craftspeople that you may know, who are launching a new product, flavor, or scent. Why? Because EVERYONE wants the next new thing!

> Plucked! ONLINE
See you online. Beginning at 9am, ‪Sunday, May 10th, for 48 hours. AND, you don't even have to get dressed!

Each Plucked! Virtual Bazaar artisan will be featured at a scheduled time. Schedule is updated daily.

StormSister Spatique - New lotions and potions. 9:00a Sunday.
Northern Glasses - A new gift for teachers. 9:30a Sunday.
Cactus Boxes - One-of-a-kind. 10a Sunday.
Siena Soap Company - plant-based skincare. 10:30a Sunday.
Fiction Reshaped - Book art. 11a Sunday.
VIR For Men - Grooming products for men. 11:30a Sunday.
B+D Custom Crafts - At home crafting kits. 12p Sunday.
Bare Naked Soap Company - goat milk soaps, etc. 12:30p Sunday.
Dotplaid - paper and textile goods. 1p Sunday.
Excelsior Candle Company - soy candles. 1:30p Sunday
CuddleMutt - dog accessories. 2p Sunday
Katie Brandt Interiors - interior design. 2:30p Sunday
Luvafoodie - spices and more. 3:00p Sunday
Scarborough Fair Boutique - fashion. 3:30p Sunday
Ryan Ball Pottery - clay. 4:00p Sunday
Carmine Jack Leather Co. -leather goods. 4:30p Sunday.

Each item will feature photos, description, pick-up/delivery/shipping options, pricing and a link to purchase for your convenience. Artisans, makers, and craftspeople will be available to answer your questions during the hour that their products are posted.
Questions after their initial posting hour will be answered at their earliest convenience.

Keep in mind that most of the featured items are one-of-a-kinds. So, items will go quickly.
Items that have multiples of the same item will show how many are available in the post.

Some artisans and designers will have multiple postings, so be certain to refresh the "DISCUSSION"  tab on this page often.

Want to be a Plucked! Virtual Bazaar vendor? Send us a message and we'll let you know what we have available.

Plucked! Virtual Bazaar is brought to you by Becky Sturm of StormSister Spatique and the MN Christmas Market.

Becky has established a leading reputation as a Market production visionary within the Upper Midwest. Plucked! is Becky's fifth creatively conceived market and the launch of Plucked! Virtual Bazaar is possibly her most ambitious market to date.

Becky's professional retail background spans salon and spa service and retail industry ownership as well as extensive beauty product development and distribution experience.

As a thought leader within the Twin Cities' Maker community, Becky has spent the last 10 years consulting with emerging product innovators and strategically developing popup markets for them to sell their goods and promote their businesses.

Each featured artisan has pledged to donate time and/or a minimum of 7% of all sales at Plucked! Virtual Bazaar, to a charity of their choosing. Their charity partner will be featured in a Plucked! Spotlight.


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