Yes, you read that title correctly, "maskne" or "mascne" - acne caused from wearing masks.

We have all seen photos and news segments of doctors and nurses who have red faces and ears from wearing PPE in our hospitals. Though their red faces are not all the result of acne - much is from the PPE rubbing against their skin for an entire day - contact dermatitis.

Though the majority of us are not wearing actual PPE like our first-responders, many are wearing cotton masks much more often and we don't realize how much bacteria is breeding inside them.

Beauty reports are showing a huge rise in the purchase of acne skincare during COVID19 because of this anomaly.

We're big fans of Phytoceane's purifying skincare range if you're experiencing any of these issues and wondering what to use.

There is also much we can do to remedy this before it happens, as well as during treatment.

Mainly, you need a clean, 100% cotton mask for each day. If you're washing the same one over and over in HOT water every day, that works too. We suggest you clean them in laundry soap meant for babies - it's more gentle.

This is also a good time to remind you that if you use a wash cloth to cleanse your skin, don't reuse them. You need a clean one for each face wash.

If you're battling with maskne or acne in general, change your pillowcase daily as well. Remember, your face spends quite a few hours on a pillow each night. Wash with gentle detergent too.

You've heard it a million times these last 3 months, but WASH YOUR HANDS and don't touch your face. Dirty hands a huge culprit in the fight against acne.

And, wipe down your cellphone with a wet wipe. Often.