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What? Yes, you read that title correctly, "maskne" or "mascne" - acne caused from wearing masks . We have all seen photos and news segments of doctors and nurses who have red faces and ears from wearing PPE in our hospitals. Though their red faces are not all the result of acne - much is from the PPE rubbing against their skin for an entire day - contact dermatitis. Though the majority of us are not wearing actual PPE like our first-responders, many are wearing cotton masks much more often and we don't realize how much bacteria is breeding inside them. Beauty reports are showing a huge rise in the purchase of  acne skincare   during COVID19 because of this anomaly. We're big fans of Phytoceane's purifying skincare range   if you're experiencing any of these issues and wondering what to use. There is also much we can do to remedy this before it happens, as well as during treatment. Mainly, you need a clean, 100% cotton mask for each

Soap and Hand Cream Gift Sets

By Pre de Provence These french best-selling soaps and hand creams have been packaged into stylish gift sets perfect for any gifting occasion. Gift Bag includes 1 Hand Cream (30ml) and 1 Shea Butter Enriched Soap (150g) in cello wrap. The luxurious hand cream soothes dry skin while nourishing and helping you maintain skin elasticity with organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, and mango butter. The quad-milled French soap is a fan favorite that will leave your skin clean, hydrated and smelling amazing. Three scents: Sea Salt - Fresh and salty just like the sea! Mirabelle - A juicy, floral scent from the flower of the plum tree. Starflower - A fruity floral scent is reminiscent of Springtime.

Plucked! Virtual Bazaar

Shop Plucked! , the Twin Cities' freshest, new market concept, where makers with moxie Pop the spotlight bright! Join us May 10th for 48 hours of virtual shopping at the Plucked! Virtual Bazaar! In a modern, shopping twist, Plucked! showcases elevated goods & services in an advanced merchandising manner -- think thoughtful themes vs. creative chaos. > Plucked! Virtual Bazaar is an exciting new shopping event -  coming to a phone, tablet or laptop near you! > Plucked! NEW & UNIQUE Watch out! Because Plucked! will be introducing you to some new-to-the-scene artisans and products, as well as your favorite makers and craftspeople that you may know, who are launching a new product, flavor, or scent. Why? Because EVERYONE wants the next new thing! > Plucked! ONLINE See you online. Beginning at 9am, ‪Sunday, May 10th, for 48 hours. AND, you don't even have to get dressed! Each Plucked! Virtual Bazaar artisan will be featured at a scheduled time. Schedu