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New Lotions, Potions and Serums

Lotions, Potions and Serums from Vie Collection and Phytomer
For Body and Face

Vie Collection: Time Control Deep Wrinkles EGF Serum

This facial serum blocks the common signs of skin aging: deep wrinkles, skin slackening, loss of elasticity and lack of density. This milky “second skin” serum with a smoothing finish reduces deep wrinkles and firms the skin for a visible youthful effect. In 1 month*, skin is smoothed and firmed. The complexion is radiant and skin quality is visibly improved.
*Instrumental and satisfaction tests on 22 women. Twice-daily use.

EGF-LIKE PEPTIDE: mimics the action of the EGF* to increase cell activity.EGF-ACTIV COMPLEX: boosts the action of EGFs naturally present in the skin to maximize their performance and that of the EGF-Like peptide.
*Epidermal Growth Factors.

In 1 month, deep wrinkles are smoothed, the skin is plumped, the complexion is radiant and skin quality is visibly improved.

Phytomer: Pionniere XMF Perfection Youth RICH Cream

Combining the biotechnological formula of PIONNIÈRE XMF with the richness of a lipid-replenishing marine oil, naturally concentrated in Omega 3. This "second skin" cream provides thin, dry skin with comprehensive anti-aging effectiveness, reinforced with a lipid-replenishing effect.

Phytomer surpasses the frontiers of traditional cosmetics to create an exceptional youth cream with XMF, an advanced ingredient that creates an invisible film on the skin’s surface to instantly beautify and visibly correct signs of aging. An exclusive discovery by PHYTOMER Advanced Research, XMF (Extra Marine Filler) is an EPS (ExoPolySaccharide) - a 100% natural advanced ingredient with exceptional smoothing and densifying properties. XMF acts inside the skin by stimulating the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, helping add tension to these fibers for a denser and firm skin mattress. XMF works in synergy with seaside plant, Morio Orchid to protect skin against free radicals and glycation, preserving skin’s youthfulness. This impressive facial cream has a smooth velvety finish and beautiful fresh fragrance, leaving skin feeling smooth, plump and visibly younger-looking.

XMF is a high-tech marine sugar.  - a 100% natural ingredient with exceptional smoothing and densifying properties. Instantly smooths wrinkles for crease-free skin. Densifies the skin mattress for firmed, tightened skin.

MORIO ORCHID: a rare and protected plant, notably found on the coasts of Brittany, France. Antioxidant protection (against free radicals) and antiglycation protection (against sugars) to help preserve the skin’s youthfulness. Mario Orchid is a protected species, to preserve this precious resource PHYTOMER has implemented a program of cultivation in greenhouses.

SCHIZOCHYTRIUM OIL: a 100% natural oil derived from Schizochytrium micro-algae. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), EPA (eicosapentaeonoic acid) and ALA (alpha linolenic acid), it protects against oxidative stress and improves intercellular cement to strengthen the skin barrier and limit dehydration.


The perfect body moisturizer with OLÉOCRÈME Ultra-Moisturizing Body Milk: an ideal combination of the comfort of a cream and the lightness of a body milk. Its "anti-thirst" formula, infused with hydrating and lipid-replenishing ingredients, moisturizes the skin from morning to night.

Day after day, skin is nourished and visibly plumped and remains moisturized longer.


Up to + 97% hydration*
Soft and comfortable skin all day long 92 %**
Nourished skin 92 %**


Skin better hydrated than usual 96 %**
Hydrated skin from morning to night 96 %**
Softer and suppler skin 100 %**

* Instrumental test on 21 volunteers, average value on 7 out of 21 volunteers. Overall result: + 65%.
** Satisfaction test on 24 women. Twice-daily application for 28 days.

Mekabu Oil: reinforces cell cohesion and the epidermal-dermal connection to limit water loss.
Glasswort Oil: improves the circulation and storage of water and urea in the epidermis while strengthening the lipidic barrier.

Pheohydrane (Laminaria digitata): moisturizes, restructures the hydrolipidic film and traps water in the tissues for an immediate and long-lasting effect.

Phytomer Structuriste:

This facial moisturizer ackles the visible signs of skin slackening: loss of elasticity, lack of density and sagging facial contours. This ultra-rich cream envelopes the skin in an instantly-tensing mesh.

Day after day, the original facial structures are restored. The skin is visibly firmer and more toned, as if lifted.


+ 93% hydration(0)
Comfortable skin: 95%(1)
Ultra-soft skin: 87%(1)
Luminous skin: 79%(1)


Reduction in slackening of facial contours by up to 13%(2)
More toned skin: 87%(3)
Visibly firmer skin: 78%(3)

(0) In vivo instrumental test conducted on 10 volunteers, after a single application. (1) Satisfaction test conducted on 23 volunteers, after one application.
(2) Instrumental test on 21 volunteers, after 2 applications per day for 28 days. Average value obtained on 7 out of 21 volunteers. Overall result: -4.4 %. (3) Satisfaction test conducted on 23 volunteers, after 2 applications per day for 28 days.

GMR - Global Marine Reshaper: Redensifies the skin's support structure, consolidates the architecture of the skin and improves cell cohesion on the surface of the skin.
Eco-Chlorella: Stimulates the structural proteins of the skin for a firming and anti-slackening effect.
Marsh trefoil extract: Fights against free radicals, thereby protecting vitamin C, vital to collagen maturation, for denser skin.

Phytomer Rosee Soin:

A light and comfortable dry oil that leaves a delicate rose fragrance on the skin.
In 1 week, the skin is perfected: suppler, revitalized and nourished. In 2 weeks, it completely transforms itself: replenished, comforted and ideally moisturized.


Skin is more supple : 100 %
Skin is revitalized : 95 %
Radiance : + 17 %
Hydration : + 16 %


For 100 % of women interviewed: skin is replenished - nourished – comfortable
Formore than 9 out of 10 women : skin is lipid-replenished - brighter - perfectly moisturized

* Use test, assessed by 19 volunteers after twice daily application.
** Use test, assessed by 19 volunteers after twice daily application combined with their regular skin care products.

D-TOX Microalgae Oil : helps eliminate free radicals, toxins and pollutants that disrupt correct cell functioning.
Rose Oil : soothes and protects the skin and helps to replenish it.
Gorse Oil : activates the synthesis of urea channels within the epidermis and enhances cell cohesion.
Jojoba Oil : strengthens the hydrolipidic film and protects the skin against dehydration. Maintains the skin's suppleness and elasticity.

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