Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Phytomer XMF BOGO

Phytomer PIONNIÈRE XMF Perfection Youth Cream
Buy One Get One.
Through the end of June, purchase a 50 ml size of Phytomer PIONNIÈRE XMF Perfection Youth Cream and receive a complimentary travel size (15 ml) $70 value.

This cream is magic.

PHYTOMER revolutionizes the cosmetic approach to anti-aging with XMF, an advanced ingredient that creates an invisible film on the skin's surface to instantly smooth and visibly correct signs of aging.
Phytomer PIONNIÉRE XMF Perfection Youth Cream
An exclusive discovery by PHYTOMER Advanced Research, XMF is an EPS – a 100% natural advanced ingredient – with exceptional smoothing and densifying properties.

The PHYTOMER scientific team identified a new and 100% natural source of marine ingredients: ExoPolySaccharides, or EPS. Mainly composed of sugars, they are produced by plankton micro-organisms directly in their environment to ensure defense, nutrition or adhesion functions. They represent the future of marine cosmetics with:

 • An almost infinite amount of applications: each micro-organism produces its own unique EPS, which has no land-sourced equivalent.
 • Unprecedented benefits for the skin: each EPS has specific properties in terms of texture, cellular activation and, for certain types, powerful and instantaneous resurfacing effects.

To obtain EPS, PHYTOMER researchers have developed a high-tech cultivation program in the laboratory as it is impossible to synthesize them chemically. This involves isolating each micro-organism and placing it in a bioreactor in specific conditions that encourage the synthesis of its EPS. The next step is to extract this EPS and purify it without the use of a chemical solvent. This is a natural production method that ensures extreme purity and optimal quality of the ingredient.

Therefore, the combination of an exceptional understanding of the marine world and the mastery of advanced scientific techniques now allows PHYTOMER to initiate a new direction in blue cosmetology with EPS.

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