Monday, September 15, 2014

Phytoceane Aquasaphir Night Skin Cream

Phytoceane: Aquasaphir New Skin Cream - Night.
New from Phytoceane: Aquasaphir New Skin Cream - Night.

Multi-sensorial cocooning texture with an extra-matte finish
Renewed skin youth: smoothed features
More rested face, ready for a new day
Visibly energized and radiant skin

AQUASAPHIR: a blue micro-algae extract cultivated in the laboratory. Anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, diminishes the skin’s stress levels which play a role in its aging
MALACHITE EXTRACT: this precious stone is an antioxidant, acting as a shield against free radicals
MANNITOL: real booster for aging cells; recharges the skin’s cells with energy; re-oxygenates asphyxiated and tired cells and stimulates the production of support fibers in the dermis
GLASSWORT OIL: strengthens the synthesis of the intercellular cement and protects against dehydration; densifying and hydra-restructuring effects; softer and smoother skin

Apply in the evening to clean face and neck.

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