Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Girl Meets Geek - Kate-Madonna Hindes
This sure put a spring in our step - Thanks so much, Kate!

I walked into a Ulta Beauty after meeting with an esthetician to talk about the gruesome reality my skin had become. She suggested a full-redo of my make-up, (don’t they always,) and I suggested we start with the basics. While glaring at the Dermalogica wall, I looked longingly to what I knew, just on the other side of the store. My early twenties were defined in brown eyeliner and lip gloss. The Maybelline, Covergirl and Ulta brands begged me to stop taking myself so seriously. It dawned on me when I realized, “they want me to spend small amounts of money on lots of things. They want me to try it and then want to try something else. It’s disposable and harmful.” Quality skincare products are much more expensive than their drugstore counterparts. This much, I’m learning....... more here.

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