Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lip Plumping Duo

Phytomer Lip Plumping Duo
Whether you're a lipstick, balm or gloss wearer, this Lip Plumping Duo is incredible!

In winter, the lips are often chapped due to the cold and wind. In summer, they are dried out by repeated exposure to the sun. This product duo exfoliates to remove dead cells and smooth the lips and plumps to replenish lipids and restore lip volume and radiance.

IMPRESSIVE RESULTS: Satisfaction test carried out on 19 women for 28 days of twice-weekly application
84% Lips are radiant
79% The natural color of the lips is revived and more intense
58% Lip volume is boosted
100% Smoother, softer, and more beautiful lips

Phytomer has created the first lip duo combining exfoliating and plumping properties for immediate embellishment and complete lip care.


PORPHYRA CONCHOCELIS POWDER: delicately exfoliates and polishes the lips
APRICOT KERNAL POWDER: gentle mechanical exfoliant created by small spherical granules
DELESSERIA SANGUINEA EXTRACT: activates skin microcirculation for an instant radiance boost for the lips
DICTYOPTERIS OIL: nourishes the adipocytes to help reconstruct mass and plump the lips
HYALURONIC ACID SPHERES: these spheres enter the upper layers of the lips, trap 1,000 times their weight in water that naturally evaporates from the skin, and then swell to restore lip volume
GLASSWORT OIL: improves skin cohesion and reduces water loss for soft and ideally hydrated lips
SHEA BUTTER + SWEET ALMOND OIL: nourish and deliver extreme comfort to dry lips

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