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Lime Light

excerpt from American Spa magazine by Nanci McArdle. A twist in retail. As a spa professional, I am aware of the skin-saving benefits of citrus-centric products and treatments in the spa. While most menus feature a number of facials, massages, and wraps utilizing various citrus fruits, there are several that often take center stage, such as lemon , orange , and grapefruit. But recently, limes are gaining recognition in the skincare arena as a refreshing alternative. Known as the lemon’s little green cousin, lime has all the benefits of other often-used citrus fruits, as well as a few more. Like the more commonly incorporated citruses, limes are packed with antioxidants and vitamins. They also contain alpha hydroxl, a fruit acid that acts as a natural exfoliant. Their natural juices act as an astringent, making them ideal for clients with oily and acne-prone skin. In addition, lime peels inhibit melanin production, which helps brighten clients’ skin and combat hyperpigmenta


The INtelligent Nutrients Destress Express range has grown. Help mind and body unwind with these certified organic products: DRY SKIN THERAPY HAND THERAPY PURE ESSENCE ELIXIR SPIRIT ESSENCE HAIR & BODY OIL DIFFUSER OIL & AIR PURIFYING SPRAY


We are thrilled to be carrying Relogy , a skincare brand for problematic skin. Relogy works. It's a fast, gentle, natural acne system.  In just 2 easy steps, breakouts, buh-bye! Relogy is different from ordinary acne treatments! The secret:  Relogy combines next generation acne treatment with some of the hottest trends in the natural skincare science, to bring you fast acne clearing results you can count for healthy, smooth, great-looking skin.  It's everything you need for the results you want. 11 Key ingredients: Oxygen -  Regarded as a vital player in promoting clear skin. When an oxygenated ingredient like (salycilic acid) gets into the pores, it can kill the bacteria that causes acne. Salicylic Acid – (willow bark) – known as a natural exfoliant, inflammation-fighting, reduces excess oil, fights acne in the hair follicle by clearing dead skin cells that harbor harmful bacteria. Bergamot Orange – Regarded as a natural anti-septic, oil reducing, calms skin, the

Yoga Rocks The Park Beauty Blowout

We're taking advantage of as much outdoor activity as we can this summer, since it took summer forever to get here this year! Sunday, August 18th from 9-Noon, we will be a vendor at Yoga Rocks the Park on Raspberry Island in Saint Paul. You won't want to miss this fantastic StormSister Spatique / 3waybeauty Beauty Blowout ! It's inventory time here and we will be featuring beauty and grooming products that are being discontinued, repackaged as well as scratch and dent items. Minimum discount is 50% off! Map link: Yoga Rocks the Park is a weekly live-music and yoga gathering held seasonally in beautiful parks across the United States. We gather like-minded people to connect through yoga, wellness and music to discover our shared enlightened nature. Each event offers a 1.15 hour all-levels yoga class, complete with a wellness-vendor area and much more. Enjoy Camp Yoga Rocks, a fun, interactive kids yoga program sponsored by Adventures of S

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Lip Plumping Duo

Whether you're a lipstick, balm or gloss wearer, this Lip Plumping Duo is incredible! In winter, the lips are often chapped due to the cold and wind. In summer, they are dried out by repeated exposure to the sun. This product duo exfoliates to remove dead cells and smooth the lips and plumps to replenish lipids and restore lip volume and radiance. IMPRESSIVE RESULTS: Satisfaction test carried out on 19 women for 28 days of twice-weekly application 84% Lips are radiant 79% The natural color of the lips is revived and more intense 58% Lip volume is boosted 100% Smoother, softer, and more beautiful lips Phytomer has created the first lip duo combining exfoliating and plumping properties for immediate embellishment and complete lip care. Ingredients: PORPHYRA CONCHOCELIS POWDER : delicately exfoliates and polishes the lips APRICOT KERNAL POWDER: gentle mechanical exfoliant created by small spherical granules DELESSERIA SANGUINEA EXTRACT : activates skin microcircula

Hair Wax

A new product by Rahua - Hair Wax Rahua Hair Wax is a completely versatile styling product that offers control, manageability and hold. This 100% natural smart-styler bonds with hair gently and helps your inner artist create a unique look. Use for short hair to create height and definition and for long hair to add control and manageability. Carnauba wax provides staying power, yet rinses out like a dream. Palo Santo (holy wood) provides the signature scent. Use this creamy wax for short hair to create height and definition and for long hair to add control and manageability. Apply on wet hair for moldability and sculpting; on dry hair for lift and definition.

Double Happiness Haircare

INtelligent Nutrients Volumizing Spray and  Leave-in-Conditioner

AmericasMart Atlanta

Our baby, 3waybeauty , is on its way to Atlanta for AmericasMart   later this week! We're heading down with Irely Intimates , Realia by Jen and Towel Topper . This is an amazing opportunity for all of us to get more national and International exposure. PR is here . If you'll be there, stop by!

Get Beautiful America

Declare your independence from questionable beauty and grooming products. Shop StormSister Spatique or 3waybeauty now, spend $50 or more, and receive complimentary shipping. Enter: JULY4 upon checkout, now through July 7th. (US orders only) Sign up for our newsletter . Enjoy your holiday and travel safely!

Very Berry Good

Excerpt from the July edition of  American Spa Magazine - by Katarina Kovacevic Raspberries may be small, but their wellness powers are vast. Who knew raspberries could be so deceptive? Turns out, these velvety little fruits aren’t actually berries at all, at least not by the scientific definition, which states that they consist of a single ovary with multiple seeds, such as grapes. Technically, raspberries are a compound fruit made up of several drupelets, each containing a single seed. Of course that doesn’t keep us from referring to them as berries, a term commonly used for any small edible fruit. But no matter what their scientific classification, there’s no denying that raspberries are a mega-powerful food crammed into one small and delicious package. Native Americans used raspberries to relieve sore eyes while Europeans employed the juice as a cure for stomach ailments. In folk medicine, raspberry leaf tea is said to strengthen gums, combat skin rashes, and calm gas

Summer Essentials

Always a top seller, Erbaviva's USDA Certified Organic Deodorant is effective and will help you feel fresh and cool for the warm summer months. There are two organically produced scents to choose from: Lemon Sage and Jasmine Grapefruit. Summer's rays are here so protect your loved ones organically with award winning Erbaviva SPF 30 Sunscreen , the highest level of protection without adding chemicals. Protect your entire family with Erbaviva's highly effective biodynamic and USDA Certified Organic Buzz Spray . Erbaviva's Buzz Spray is a pleasant smelling insect repellent perfect for all ages and can be used without worry of harsh chemicals and mysterious synthetics.