Sunday, August 19, 2012

Green Benefits

Are you a lover of Greenbody Greenplanet like we are?

Here are the many benefits to using this local brand:

•Our BIO ECO-NUTRIENT COMPLEX is comprised of 13 Certified Organic plant extracts and oils, followed by our plant based lathering agent (surfactant) – Decyl Polyglucose and Cocoglucose
•No Sulfates, Parabens, Propylene Glycol, DEA, TEA, Synthetic Fragrance (Free of over 100 synthetics and petrochemicals commonly found in hair care)
•Antibacterial and anti-fungal, the plant extracts and oils cleanse naturally

•Shampoo can be used as a gentle facial wash, body wash and for shaving (men and women)
•Conditioners can be used as a leave in conditioner (recommended for dry/curly hair)
•Both conditioners can be used as a deep treatment (apply heat for maximum benefit)
•Helps in the prevention and elimination of dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and cradle cap
•Safe for newborns and children. Can be used by the entire family!

•Australian Plum Extract-highest form of antioxidant found in nature. Antioxidants fight free radicals which
cause environmental damage to the hair (dehydration, dryness) and damage by the use of hot tools.
•Avocado has natural sunscreen capabilities (an SPF of 8)
•Avocado has Lecithin which penetrates deep into the hair shaft locking in color and retaining moisture.
•No chemical additives to protect color

•Naturally balancing Jojoba oil infuses hair shaft to create shine and heat protection from blow dryers, flat
irons and curling irons (not recommended as a flat-iron thermal styler)
•Silicone and Propylene Glycol free, including the popular nano- technology Cyclopentisiloxane (a silicone
•Cyclopentisiloxane is common in 90% of hair and skin products on their shelves. Moroccan Oil, Pureology,
most smoothing serums. Silicones DO NOT biodegrade in our environment. GBGP starts braking down
within 24 hours and completely biodegrades in the environment.

•Oils and plant extracts provide deep nourishment without weighing down hair.
•Provides volume to fine, limp hair while managing frizzies and flyaways. Excellent for baby fine hair
(Recommend Energy)
•Provides deep nutrition to coarse, dry, damaged hair. (Recommend Revitalizing SH/CD)

•Our hair care is made with USDA Certified Organic, Biodynamic, Wild Crafted or Fair Trade Sourced
ingredients and our manufacturer has over 60 certifications at every step of the manufacturing process
•All seeds for our plant based ingredients are certified organic from the start and all of the growing methods
are on certified farms. No GMO's are ever used
•From cultivation and harvest methods, to transportation (e.g. no synthetic-chemicals to clean truck beds)
and extraction (cold press or steam distillation only), the processing and preparation for our hair care and
the blending and bottling of the final formulations provide a holistic approach that is unmatched
•Our packaging is eco-friendly along with the printing of our labels

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