Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dive In

Our contribution to Shecky's by Courtney Leiva.

For Becky Sturm,  CEO of Storm Sister Spatique, those with sensitive skin often see the best results with aquatic-based products. “Skin that is sensitive (a growing population) seems to respond better to marine skincare. Herbal extracts are often quite active and cause sensitive skin to become red. Sea-based ingredients such as Jania rubens (a vegetal coral) are moisturizing and very soothing to the skin,” Sturm says.

Although seaweed gains most recognition other popular sea skincare ingredients include algae and fish oils. “Sea derived ingredients can range from oils and extracts that come from fish (fish oils that contain Omega-3′s) as well as marine plants like algae,” Ron Robinson states.

An avid lover of everything under the sea beauty, Sturm has seen personal results using sea particle-infused beauty products. “There is much science on the similarities between the components of blood and the sea and after working for so many years with herbal and marine based skincare, I have truly become a fan of aquatic-based products,” Sturm says. However, those suffering from shellfish and iodine allergies should take proper precautions when purchasing aquatic beauty products as they may trigger allergic reactions!

 Image Credit: skincarebylouisa.com

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