Monday, August 22, 2011


All-Natural-Suds for the Tub - by our friend Leesa Raab over at eco18.

As a kid, I was the girl who was throwing spa-party sleepovers where I made all of my friends bring over their favorite shower gels, lotions, face masks and other varying beauty products, so we could all try them. And even as an adult, I’m always surveying friends about what they use and looking for new products to try. So over the years I’ve tried A LOT of different body washes and bath care products. More recently, I’ve taken a specific interest in making sure that my shower products are all-natural and paraben-free. With that, I was especially excited to learn about some new, all-natural body washes that have recently hit the market.......continued.

image courtesy of Krikit flickr/CC license

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