Friday, March 11, 2011

Want a Halo?

Just received my first UrbanHalo and I'm in love! - This one right here. Pretty, huh?

I consider headbands fully-functional hair accessories and though a bit different than a Knot-a-Schmata band, they certainly are a great addition to my headband collection.

UrbanHalo is made right here in MN. They stay put, are headache free and come in each season's hottest prints and colors.

Because I'm groovin' on mine so much, I want to give one to you. I have a $15 gift card (there are many to choose from!) with someones name on it.

So, tell me why you deserve to wear a Halo? Be creative cuz the best answer gets the card.

You can post your answer here or on our Facebook page. Game on!


peggy said...

I got my halo yesterday! I cannot believe how fast it came.ONE DAY Seriously, only one day! LOVE IT!> It pays to pay attention to your blogs.

Becky Sturm said...

Glad you love it as much as I do mine. Thanks for playing, Peg!