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Nailing Hollywood

Minnesota company, NONTOXIQUE, has nailed Hollywood and the cover of Women's Health!

NAILING OLIVIA WILDE:  Jenna Hipp, hired by Health Magazine to paint the nails of their January cover model, uses only earth friendly, paraben free and gluten free products. Because of this, “The magazines are very supportive of the products I use on set.  The beauty editors are always wondering what my new “green” favorites are!”, says Hipp.
Because the magazine wants a “fresh, neutral look”, Jenna decided to keep nails simple by painting one coat of super eco-friendly polish, “Shirley Temple Peony“ by PRITI. And don’t forget- good looking nails include more than just your nails!  ”Because of the weather, skin just doesn’t seem to get enough hydration” says Jenna.  ”I wanted to administer an intensive moisture treatment for Olivia that would keep her skin dewey for the entire day.  This included layering NONTOXIQUE  ”Age Reversal Serum” with “Daytime Restoration Creme” and finishing off the look with the “Cuticle and Nail Balm”, which Jenna applied with an eyeshadow brush.  Jenna’s advice for healthy looking hands?  ”Don’t forget your elbows!!”   - V.G. for N.H.

Here's more insight from Sheila at : Tips to Toes


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