Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Want You!

I have an interview on eHealth Radio on Thursday and I need your help.
Please ask me any beauty/personal grooming questions you may have. Leave your questions either in the comments section here or email them to becky(at)stormsister(dot)biz

I will answer them all and let you know which ones were used in the interview. 



Jennifer Sellers said...

What is the best conditioner for curly hair, when I want to use it as a cleanser and a conditioner? My hair breaks easily.

Becky Sturm said...

I love the Kinky Curly brand. Their leave-in conditioner is just amazing. I am temporarily out of it, but it will be arriving within a couple of weeks.

Tell me all of the products you are using on your hair and how often you are shampooing.