Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Into Perspective

My last post was pre-STYLEDLIFE/styledlook's "Open Closet" night at the Perspectives Family Center.
I had no idea how much this evening was going to affect me.

I accepted the invitation to help for the simple fact that Kevin and Tim are two of my best friends and they asked me. They wanted me available to do hand massages for women who were going to be "styled" by the STYLEDLIFE crew. Perfect, I can do that.

Having spent so many years in the spa biz, this is a nice treat for me. I truly miss the "touching" aspect of working with clients. And to do it for an event like this was magical.

Kevin Quinn donates a portion of STYLEDLIFE sales to Perspectives.
He and his crew then shop for clothes, shoes and accessories and then plan this event.
They bring in hair and makeup, stylists, photographer, videographer and their friend Becky to do some kick-ass hand massages. All volunteers. Whew!

Each woman receives 2-3 new "looks" and gets to go home with the goods.

The evening begins with a "before" photo and then off to shop with their very own personal stylist who assists them in choosing head-to-toe outfits. During their consultation they are also given tips on how to wear clothes and accessorize for their body type, etc.
Then, when their outfits were put together, it's off to hair and makeup and then their final photo shoot.

I floated around looking for women who were in between services, then offered mine.

Without going into detail, the women who are benefiting from Perspectives have had challenges that most of us will never have. Perspectives is helping them put their lives back together.

When I was asked to help with this event I wondered if it would be difficult for me to get these women to allow me to touch them. I never once felt apprehension as I asked them to come along with me.
We sat together, facing one another and chatted, while I massaged. It was easy conversation. Another pleasant surprise.

On a final note, I simply must say that Natalie from Rocco's, in the Galleria, was a ROCK STAR! This woman was pounding out hair and makeup like nobody's business. Seriously.
I kept thinking she would have an assistant arrive at any moment. She could have used one. I was certain one was coming. They never did.
I worked right next to Natalie and we were both so busy, we were never properly introduced.
That being said, I cannot tell you how much I was inspired.

Like I said, it was magical.

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