Thursday, January 21, 2010

Orange Popsicles

I special order the Tangerine Pre de Provence soaps by the case for a client of mine - there are 12 in each case. I think she really likes them ;o)~

I'm not certain if you have ever used a Pre de Provence bar of soap, but they are quite special. They're made with a ton of shea butter, so your bod feels just wonderful when you are done with your bath/shower.
Certain things are just worth the price tag. No question.

I was just ordering the tangerine fragrance especially for her. But, there is something about the smell of an orange Popsicle that reminds me of summer. And, here in MN, in January, that is a simple pleasure.
So, now I stock them in the shop.
The fragrance is actually Tangerine, but that orange summer treat from my childhood is the first thing that pops into my head when I stick my nose up to it.

Speaking of summer treats, John Masters Organics has a Blood Orange Vanilla Body Wash and Body Moisturizer that smells like a Dreamsicle.
Clearly, my parents should have owned stock in the Popsicle brand.

I was never a fan of the orange Popsicle when I was a kid. I rather liked purple or red. But, things change.

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