Monday, January 25, 2010

Not for Everyone

Hello Becky!

........ Thank you for all your help and knowledge with skincare. It's been a blessing in disguise to have the IN cleanser and moisturizer. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that the IN Serum isn't working for me. I tried out the sample you gave me and after about three days I got three really horrible acne cysts on my face. So I stopped using the IN Serum until the acne cleared, tried the product again, and got another round of really bad cysts. It sounds like a wonderful product but my skin maybe too oily to accept more oils. Maybe I can try it again in a few years. My skincare regiment has been working great, no real problems. It's working great on my hands and feed so I'm using up the sample that way. I want to like it so much (since you and everyone else have been giving it excellent reviews) but it just don't work for my skin type.

Thanks again!
Sree - WI

StormSister says: Clearly, my miracle serum doesn't work for everyone. Yikes.
Though I'm happy her hands and feet are enjoying its goodness, the serum is entirely too precious and spendy for our tootsies.
So, I suggest the NONTOXIQUE brand for those.

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