Monday, December 28, 2009


You can usually tell a woman's age by her hands....and by her neck, but that's another post.

NONTOXIQUE is a local hand and foot care brand by manicurist, Sheila Mossberg.

I've not heard of a completely natural and effective skincare line for hands and feet, until now.
(Except for the amazing collagen stimulating properties of shea butter, which is a fantastic cream and one I swear by.)
I am thoroughly enjoying the process of giving my hands and feet a "facial" with NONTOXIQUE. And, they understand the anti-aging properties of shea butter and it is a major player in their age-defying product range.

Sheila also suggested the serum be used on my freckled (sun-damaged) chest. We'll see if it works...but I do wonder if that serum is already working on the age spots on my hands...

StormSister Spatique is proud to be the exclusive St. Paul beauty shop carrying this magnificent beauty brand.

NONTOXIQUE BEAUTY is a natural eco and consumer concerned skin-care company devoted to responsible beauty offering 100% chemical free, organic-grade and eco-friendly products only. Using the most highly bio-available, sustainable, and freshest ingredients in their products along with natural preservatives and 100% Pure Essential Oils. The products contain no synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, parabens, fillers or any other unnecessary or artificial chemicals and never uses nature-identical ingredients (created in the lab). They are never tested on animals and the only animal by-product used is beeswax, which isn’t a real animal bi-product to begin with.

NONTOXIQUE BEAUTY is concerned about our environment and even more so, consumer safety when it comes to their products, which is why they have made it their mission to get involved. Real change can’t happen unless Policy’s change that demands better consumer protection or set some kind of standard that actually works. Nontoxique is taking steps to become actively involved in getting old Policy’s updated, changed or helping to pass new legislation in the state of Minnesota. Because Responsible Beauty is their motto, they believe that includes being the voice of their consumers and putting that voice to work. Responsible Beauty also means setting standards and being an example for others to follow and they are proud to say they are doing their part in not adding an unnecessary burden to our environment or your body just to help make you feel more beautiful.

All NONTOXIQUE products are formulated, packaged and inspected for quality in an approved and certified manufacturing facility located in the USA. Much time and effort is spent to insure the sustained high quality of their products through high standards of ingredient sourcing, product performance testing and stability testing, thus keeping with their motto and philosophy: “Safe Beauty equals Responsible Beauty.”

At this time, Nontoxique is only available in my Spatique and not available for online purchase on our website. For online customers, please contact us at our toll-free number: 877.455.4668 or send an email request to: becky (at) stormsister (dot) biz

There are some amazing things happening in the beauty biz here in the Twin Towns and that truly excites me.

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