Saturday, December 12, 2009

I've Been Thinking

I had a client in the other day and we were playing makeup. She wanted to try the Fleur's Concealer and Volumizing Mascara and then, since Fleur's is gradually going through a packaging change (so old packaging is 50% off) she wanted to look at eye shadow as well.

She then asked me the question I get asked all of the time - "What colors do you think I should wear?"
It's wasn't her fault, but I hate that question, though I do understand why people ask. It's not your fault. Say it out loud.
It's - Not - Your - Fault.

"Experts" have been telling us for ages what makeup colors to wear with our skin color (are you a "spring", "fall", WHATEVER). Who do these experts think they are? I want them and their rules to shut it!
This may sound a bit hypocritical of me as I am a beauty expert (I'm not modest either) and I do have a lot of beauty rules, but it is time for the lipstick and shadow color palette rules to be broken.

Seriously, makeup, like fashion, should be fun!
Why can't a "spring" wear an olive shadow that matches her top or handbag or shoes? Or maybe you just like the color olive.

I am certainly no fashionista, but if you want to wear a certain shadow color but have been told it's not your color, just do it. Why not?
It's makeup. It washes off.

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