Saturday, November 14, 2009

Spanish StormSister

Several weeks ago a very popular blogger from Spain, Lululooks, contacted me and wanted me to send her some product samples so she could review them. She had heard quite a bit about my products and wanted to try them.
Being as confident as I am about what I sell, I sent her a bunch and decided I would post whatever feedback she wrote.

I have also used a translation site to translated the text (below) for those of you who cannot read Spanish. I also linked to the product she is reviewing so that you may do more extensive research yourself.

I found some of the verbiage in the translation quite amusing and decided to leave it as is. Enjoy.

StormSister is a company dedicated to marketing and distribution of several cosmetic firms face care, body, makeup, etc ... for example, John Masters Organics, Erbaviva, etc ... The main feature is the type of products available: natural, organic and effective.

The products I've tested are: - Erbaviva Baby Soap: a bar of soap is specially created for the delicate skin of babies, but we can use and benefit all of its properties. This soap is enriched with milk, honey and lavender essential oil (your scent will make us relax the mind in depth). It is a very mild soap, totally suitable for sensitive and delicate. Leaves skin very soft, supple and not dry. I do not like soap bars too because they often dry the skin, but not all the same!

- Lavender Shampoo for normal Rosemary John Masters Organics hair: Ideal for tinted or bleached hair. Combine the essential oils of lavender and rosemary with herbal extracts to balance and cleanse the hair. Leaves hair soft and hydrated

- Zinc & Sage Shampoo with Conditioner John Masters Organics: Regulates the fat of the scalp, due to the properties of zinc and leaves hair soft. Also useful in dry hair. It is two products in one: shampoo and conditioner.

- Phytocéane Homme Hydrating Creme: Suitable for all skin types. The texture is very light and moisturizing. Ideal for men's skin, since it is usually more fat than ours. Moisturizes, leaving skin smooth and nourished.

- Peeling Descaler Phytocéane Homme: Suitable for all skin types as well. Applies 1 or 2 times a week after the daily cleaning of the skin. It smells great, a gentle yet very masculine scent. The grain is fine, so it does not irritate the skin, leaving smooth, free of impurities.

- Hydra-Creme Douceur Clamocéa Phytocéane: Cream for sensitive skin. Soothes irritated skin, reduces redness while hydrating and nourishing the skin. It's just my skin! I've tried without thinking and really cools the skin, makes it very soft and calm irritation. I was delighted!

If you want to know these products and many other marketing you can browse your website StormSister.

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