Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oprah, Watch Out!

I'm gonna be on the FM107.1 Shop Girls this Saturday. 12:30ish. Yay!

Allison and Alexis are broadcasting live from The Affair. Me too, on their show.
(StormSister, and all of her glory, will set up shop in booth #644. Stop and shop.)

Those Shop Girls want to talk to me about MY favorite things.
Suck on that, Oprah! (I can say that right? I mean it in the most loving way. Promise, Ms. Winfrey.)


Anonymous said...

I can tell you one of my favorite things right now... that Antioxidant cream you gave me the sample of. I'll be in soon to buy a gallon! - Amy

Becky Sturm said...

Isn't that just somethin'?

Stop in Friday night or this weekend. It's 20% off!

kara said...

I commented on Twitter, does that count?

Seriously, Oprah should watch out! Can't wait to hear what your fave things are - my skin is already dry. And it's not even winter!

Becky Sturm said...

Are you going to be at The Affair, Kara? I'll have a ton of samples. Stop by. Otherwise, email me and tell me a bit about your skin and your age and I'll send you some.

I won't be talking about a facial moisturizer on Saturday, unless the girls ask me about one.

Anonymous said...

I'll be sure to listen in on Saturday on Shop Girls Ms. Sturm.

I've changed the saying from
"When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen" to "When Becky Sturm talk, people BETTER listen".
No seriously, you know your biz and thanks for all the great product and tips!