Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ranting Redhead

I own a redhead.

Yup, I gave birth to him, so I own him.

They are a species unto themselves, redheads.
It's kind of like having your own little circus side-show, 24/7.
Anyone who has/knows one, knows what I mean.

Everyone loves a readhead. It's been 14 years so far and personally, I like all of the attention he gets. It makes me feel proud for some reason. Kinda like "look what I made. Pretty cool, huh?!"

He, my ginger kid Bailey (I know how ironic the name Bailey is for a redhead, but that was going to be his name, regardless), doesn't like the attention, never has. I keep telling him he needs to figure out how to "work it". Ginger's could run the world if they wanted, truly.

I found this Redhead Ranting on Twitter. Maybe she tweeted first. I don't remember.

I enjoy her rants.

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