Thursday, August 6, 2009

Brush Hour

An excerpt from an article in the August edition of American Salon magazine

Hair brushes have come a long way since the 1800s when they were made with elastic wire teeth or animal hair. Even though these styling tools continue to constantly evolve, brushes remain an important part of keeping clients' hair looking good and are crucial in achieving a desired look. "Choose a brush according to what finish you are trying to achieve," says Lucie Doughty, editorial director for Paul Mitchell. "A brush with soft bristles that are closer together is great for smoothing and polishing the hair. Ceramic brushes are perfect for styling and giving the hair shine, and brushes with wider-spaced bristles are ideal for blow-drying and loose styling." Gerard Scarpaci, artistic director, Aveda Advanced Academy New York, uses different types of brushes in combination. "I always begin a blow-out with a paddle brush for long hair or a styling brush for short hair—both are perfect for removing excess moisture and for creating root movement and direction for whatever style you want to achieve," he says. "I then switch to a round brush for volume styling or making waves." —NICOLE PALMIERI

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