Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm Experimenting Again

All of this "no shampooing" (is it a hair revolution or a philosophy?) for my hair has got me thinking. Again.

If all of that soap is bad for our hair (it is), and my wavy locks and a million other curly girls are proving that fact, then is all of that soap bad for our skin as well?
I'm not talking about our face skin, we already know that soap on our faces is a no-no. I'm talking body skin.

I was in the shower contemplating that a couple of days ago.
What if I don't use soap on my body brush, but instead use my hair conditioner (this is my current flavor of the month)?
I've been washing my hair with conditioner for weeks and my hair loves it. Do my arms, legs, back, etc., need all of that soap? - Of course our "bits and pieces" need it, but does the rest of our body need it? I am no longer convinced.

I have had 3 showers of not using soap and my skin LOVES it! - I don't need nearly the body lotion afterward either.
I'm also not convinced that you can do this with just any old conditioner. Well, you CAN use any conditioner, but I'm thinkin' those petroleum laden bottles of nasty are just going to clog your pores. Gross.
You need professional, quality product.
You're worth it.

I'm going to continue this experiment. Join me.

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