Thursday, May 28, 2009

Solar Care

I love seminars and I just sat in a great one about, Sun Care. (I know, I'm a geek.)

Today kids, we're going to learn about preparing the skin for sun exposure.

* How to obtain a uniform, natural, long-lasting tan
* Soothe after-sun exposure

Some of the products that will be mentioned are from Phytoceane. Why? They have an ingredient in their product line that is called Jania Rubens - Its a vegetal coral sea plant extract that is super hydrating. - No worries, Phytoceane/Phytomer grows this sea plant in their own laboratory in France. - The French government only allows so much to be taken from the Brittany Coast.

Phytocéane research has discovered a unique synergy between Marine Sugars derived from
seaweed and Jania Rubens. This association is capable of creating a protective shell for Langerin - a recently discovered protein, the skin’s natural active element for self-defense.

This shell works like a “shield” and protects Langerin from exterior aggression (UV Rays) and reinforces the epidermal cell’s natural capacity for self-defense. This unique anti-free radical active ingredient efficiently prevents the premature aging of the skin for advanced protection.

Marine sugars, found in our suncare, proven properties:
• Blocks free radical formation, the primary cause of premature cellular aging and damage.
• Protects the defense cells of the epidermis (Langerhans cells) and dermis (dermal dendrite cells), from the UVA and UVB rays so the skin’s immune function remains operational.
• Supports DNA health.
• The skin maintains its youth potential.
• Protects langerin on the surface of immune defense cells so that it does not become damaged, in turn preserving the cells’ self defense capacities.

Exposure to UV Rays reduces the skin’s natural capacity for self-defense by destroying a recently discovered protein called Langerin, the skin’s natural active element for self-defense. As the skin’s natural bodyguards against exterior aggression, the role of the Langerhans Cells is to destroy viruses and other aggressors. Langerin is found on the Langerhans cells, and is capable of picking up bacteria and viruses and transporting them to the inside of Langerhans cells. When Langerin is destroyed, the Langerhans cells can not do their job properly. To keep Langerhans cells functioning properly, it is essential to protect Langerin from free radicals produced by UV Rays.

If you are going to use a self-tanner, we believe body brushing is the best way to exfoliate the skin.

Then use a moisturizer, it evens out the porosity in the skin, followed by the best self-tanner in the entire world - mentioned above.

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