Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Becky and Meeg spout off

The IN Skin Care just arrived! All orders going out today!

Meghan and I have a lot to say about the INtelligent Nutrients Skin Care - sorry if you are getting bored with so many posts about it, but this is important stuff!

Here is what Meeg has to say:
I am trying really hard to fall in love with them. The Cleanser – I am troubled by the color and smell – they don’t rock my world. The scent stays with you and I am neither “for or against” it– BUT what I did notice is it makes my skin feel really soft and it cleanses well – even takes off the mascara well, stings the eyes just a bit tho! I also noticed that small breakouts seemed gone the next morning – so I LOVED that about the formulation. The moisturizer seemed really thin and doesn’t seem to absorb tremendously well, but again, the after effects were great! Felt really smooth and soft! I would hesitate to use the serum during the day hours – it feels really heavy – almost like olive oil that you would dip bread into! Haha! But for night use – love it! I didn’t take any of the mist – but I did like the smell of that and could see how that would be great in the whole package. And my washcloths felt amazingly SOFT after the cleanser! So, my consensus – I think I would still prefer the Phytoceane Foam Cleanser for appearance, smell but I did like the IN effects.

I've been waiting to give my two-cents on this line because I needed to have someone not say how perfect it was. Leave it to Meeg.
Though, it was far from a scathing review.

I say:
Yes, first of all, keep this and all skincare products out of your eyes. There isn't anything that is harmful in the IN skincare range, but even all of that goodness may cause a bit of stinging - (This was in fact, the first mention of any stinging of the eyes.)

Yes, the Anti-Aging Cleanser does have an odd smell and color. I have never smelled anything like it - my son Bailey, who loves this skincare by the way, thinks it smells like "baby wipes". I don't get it and I have had two children and smelled plenty a baby wipe.

My husband thinks the products smell "different" as well. Not good or bad, just different. He does really like it though.

I have gotten used to the fragrance of the cleanser as I am aware of the bigger picture and that we are being poisoned by fragrance in our beauty products. So, an odd smell I can live with.

The IN Anti-Aging Mist - toner.
I'm a big fan of toner. It is a great vehicle for getting serum and moisturizer deeper into the epidermis.
I agree with Meeg that this toner smells wonderful.

Anti-Aging Serum. I have to say that I think this may be my favorite IN skincare product. I heart serums!
Serums are boosters to moisturizers and this one is fantastic! I have used it with the IN moisturizer and my usual Vie Cream. It works beautifully with both.
I like it for both day and evening and completely understand why Meeg only likes it for her nighttime cleansing.

Meeg and I are two girls who use great skincare, so our skin isn't usually lacking in hydration. But, unlike Meeg, I LOVE this serum during the day. I love "dewy", moist skin. For me shine is good and means less wrinkles.
Please don't think that this serum doesn't absorb. It does. Some people are just properly hydrated, so it will give them a bit more of a "glow".

Anti-Aging Moisture.
Again, another product with an interesting smell though I do really like it. It is quite slippery, so people that do not like thick moisturizers, will really like this one.

My only dilemma with "natural" skincare is the "anti-age" claim. Not just with this line, but with any natural skincare line.

If you are a parent and want to get your teenagers acquainted with healthy skincare, this line can't be beat.
If you are in your 20's you are going to completely slow down the aging process with this line. Honestly, no matter what age you are, you are going to slow down the aging process.

BUT, in all of my years of trying "natural" skincare lines, I haven't found one that turns back the hands of time, at least for me. Now, I am not the best spokesperson for this claim because if you haven't used the skincare brands I have, this line should truly be considered. The ingredients and quality are fantastic and it will certainly hydrated and proper hydration helps to smooth out fine lines.
I just happen to be someone that has used some of the best skincare available, so I began slowing the appearance of wrinkles long, long ago. (Seriously, I'm a freak with skincare.)

Saying all of this, I do need to use this line exclusively for a longer period of time (I did, for three weeks) and I plan on doing so.

There is something magical about that serum though. I haven't quite figured out what that is, but there is something going on there.

Have I said how much I LOVE my job lately?

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