Thursday, October 16, 2008

IN Chatter

Lots of chatter about the new INtelligent Nutrients products.

I was discussing the IN Volumizing Spray with a client the other day, and she said she loved the product and the smell, but didn't know that it worked better than her current volumizing spray. But, she said something very interesting to me.

"Though it doesn't make my hair behave any better, it is good for me."

EXACTLY! IN is loaded with the anti-oxidant rich oil, INtellimune.  All of the IN products (except for the aromas) contain this amazing oil.

That is the whole point with IN - Certified Organic Health And Beauty. Our beauty products should be GOOD FOR US.
Meeg and I also discussed the IN Perfect Hold Hair Spray as well. We likey very much, but don't lovey. The smell of course is fantastic, it just doesn't have the hold that we are used to.
Remember, we were teenagers in the 80's so we have had a long love affair with lacquer hair sprays. That's a hard habit to break folks.
If it doesn't come out of an aerosol can, our locks will launch into a downward spiral even before we get out the door. It ain't pretty.

BUT, the IN Hair Spray does hold very nicely.....and oh, that smell.....smell that smell. Hmm.

Meeg and I have some bad habits to break. Is there a treatment center for 40-something women/men who have a severe addiction to aerosol spray? Let us know.
I don't know why she needs lacquer, her hair is short. But, who am I to judge.

My name is Becky and I am a hair spray addict. Aerosol is killing me and the IN Hair Spray is GOOD FOR ME.
I feel better already, just saying it. Let's all say it together. The IN Hair Spray is good for me.

There is hope, I'm certain.

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