Monday, October 6, 2008


I have been pondering this post for several days. But, after much contemplation, I have decided to write it.

I have a lot of different little remedies for eczema and psoriasis. Most of them do work, to some extent, it just usually takes a bit of work on your part. Many of my clients have tried "everything" for their skin issues and are now looking for alternatives.

I have one for you.

A very good friend of mine has had bouts of eczema/psoriases for years - a couple of breakouts per year (mostly on arms and legs). We had thought we had it figured out. Their hand washes had some pretty strong surfactants (sulfates - the ingredients that make soaps, sudsy.) My friend has been using sulfate free hand and body washes. Everything was great for a long time. Cured. Or so we thought.
Out of nowhere, my friend gets a breakout on their arm and wrist. Dang! Back to square one.
If you have ever had this problem, the itching is insane. It can literally keep you up at night and with your hands being the dirtiest part of our bodies, we keep bringing bacteria to the area, and with that keeping it from healing and remaining inflamed. This creates this viscous circle of trying desperately to clear it up.
After a couple of weeks of trying to clear it up again, my friend was once again, desperate. The redness and scaling is unsightly.
We have all heard about what to do when/if we were to get a jellyfish sting, correct? Well, my friend was desperate and in the shower and thought, 'What the heck'.
I'm out with my friend several nights ago, and they say to me. "I need to tell you something." "Look at my wrist." The rash was not red and inflamed and was drying up. Best of all, the incessant itching had stopped. "But your arm is still red and inflamed. Does it itch?" I ask. "Yes", said friend. "What gives?" I asked.
"I peed on my hand and LOOK at it." "I didn't pee on my arm and look at it!" they said. "Are you kidding me?!" I said. I also asked if they were going to finish the experiment. "Of course!" "Do you leave the pee on for very long?" I ask. "Nope, just pee'd and then rinsed and finished my shower." they say. "Let me know what happens when you do the deed on your arm", I said.

I know, a lot of "they said" and "I said", but I'm a curious girl.

I saw my friend a couple of days later and of course, I had to look at their arm. And sure enough, it was drying up, just like their hand had previously done, no more redness and no more itching!
During the pondering of this post, I have been trying to find some information on this phenomenon. Nothing.
I know, this whole concept is odd. Hence, the reason for my apprehension about writing it down.
Could it be this simple? Will it work for everyone? Has anyone else tried this? I don't know, but I am going to start suggesting it to clients.
One footnote though, use your own pee - It has been said that someone else can pee on the jellyfish sting - I think for my own responsibility in even suggesting this 'home remedy', just use your own.
If you try this and it works or doesn't work, please post your comments. I am so very curious.

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