Monday, October 6, 2008

Almost 2 Years

In November, it will be 2 years since the opening of the StormSister Spatique storefront. Yay!

I met with Susan, the designer of ALL things StormSister, recently for cocktails. She's working on a project for a friend of mine. A collaboration of sorts. More on that in another post.
We're talking fonts, design, etc.. I'm telling her what a rock star she is - Our usual conversation.

Then, she drops a bomb on me.

As so many of you know, I have had to tell you, "No, Susan is not taking any new clients", when you have asked me, "who designed your store?", "who made this table, logo, website, etc., etc."
Well, during our cocktail hour(s) she announces that she is taking new clients. Holy Hanna! I think I spit my gin and tonic all over her.

I never in my life thought I would hear those words. At least, I haven't heard them in the last two years when EVERYONE has been inquiring about my designer.

So, Susan Tinkham is taking on new projects. Her email address is and her number is 651.325.6705.

Get in line, kids.

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