Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Savvy Curls Giveaway

Savvy Curls
We're having a Savvy Curls product giveaway!

Head on over to our Instagram page for a chance to win a black convertible wrap. Valued at $36.99 
We'll notify the winner on Friday.

Savvy Curls curling hair wraps are revolutionizing the way that women curl their hair! These patented wraps work with the heat from your scalp to produce healthy, glamorous curls or beachy waves without damaging your hair. Just add your favorite foam or gel to your damp hair, and then wrap! No more curling irons, wands, or flat irons.
Savvy Curls is comfortable enough to be worn to bed thus saving your hair from heat and damage. They may also be used on slightly damp hair and then finished under a dryer or air dry - depending on your time schedule.

We have found Savvy Curls to work best with shoulder length and longer hair. 

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