Monday, April 18, 2016

Spring Skincare

spring skincare
As you can see, posts have been very irregular here for a while. My bad.
In my defense, as you may know, I've been busy producing a MN maker market for Union Depot - Lowertown Pop.

Lowertown Pop popped up April 9th and the Mytalk 107.1 Shop Girls were also on hand and kind enough to give me a few minutes on their show. (April 9th - Hour 1 - starting just after the 15 min mark).

I know at one point, Allison wanted to discuss spring makeup shades but I really wanted to discuss the importance of skincare during this change in the seasons, (sorry Allison!) and mention that it's time to switch up our skincare and get a facial to start our spring routine off fresh.

Winter is time for heavier moisturizers, and creams - Spring is time for lightening things up a bit.

Having spent over 25 years in the spa and salon, I know the importance of regular facials. At least at the change of the seasons - spring, summer, winter, fall. If your pocket book allows it, have them more often.

Facials deep clean and moisturize our skin and prepare it to maximize the potential of your skincare products.
A reputable esthetician will recommend the best skincare for your skin, so please invest in it. Remember, do it now vs. later. At some point you're going to spend money on your skin, in some fashion, if you want to keep it young looking - invest now. Trust me.

I turn the big 5-0 this year and have been adjusting my skincare according to my age and weather for many years.
It's now SPRING so I put away the heavy cleansing cream (I live in MN and winter is wicked!) and bring out the cleansing milk - using that morning and evening to cleanse my skin.
After cleansing I spray a toner onto my face (many don't come in spray form, so I use an atomizer to spray mine on. (I find it wasteful to use a cotton pad to apply toner as skin should be damp to receive serum and moisturizer).
While my skin is damp (not dripping) from my toner, I apply a serum and then immediately follow with a lighter moisturizer than I have used in the winter months).

Exfoliating and masking are also must-do's for optimum skin health. I recommend 2x a week. I do my masking and exfoliating on the same day. Then follow up with my toner, serum and moisturizer.

For men who shave or women that are doing at-home "blading", minimize irritation by keeping blades fresh - since we have all become fans of the "subscription box" phenomenon, I love that new razors arrive from Dollar Shave Club on a schedule that you determine. (I fell in love with their brand several years ago when I saw their videos/commercials.)

As summer approaches and humidity increases it's time to change it up again after another facial. I will often opt for only the serum after the toner or only the moisturizer in the hot, humid MN summers.

Though I know it is recommended to wear sunscreen at all times, I'm not a fan of this philosophy. If you live in a constantly sunny climate or spend prolonged periods of time outside, yes, some form of sunscreen should be applied. But here in MN, many folks suffer from vitamin D deficiency, from our long darker winters, so sunscreen all the time is contributing to this problem.
Please do your research and consult your doctor or dermatologist on this matter.
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