Friday, April 17, 2015

Full Circle

Full Circle Fundraising

We are thrilled to have some of our 3waybeauty products a part of Full Circle Fundraising.

The women of Full Circle Fundraising want to redefine the school fundraising model and we think it is a brilliant concept!

After writing out too many checks for stale chocolates, old cookie dough and plastic kitchen gadgets shipped in from around the country (and mostly manufactured outside the USA), they took their passion for local products and created a smart program that combines supporting non-profits with local business owners.

They are two moms whose passion to improve fundraising marries their personal and professional lives. Pam Hoye, mother of two young boys and sales and event professional and Sara Soli, mother of two young girls and marketing and event professional. Combined, the have more than 39 years of marketing, sales and event experience. They have created products and events in this market for media companies and brought them to life from ideation to implementation.

They are part of very active families and have children that are actively involved in higher learning and athletic programs which require fundraising. Full Circle Fundraising is the perfect blend of their professional expertise combined with our real-life world.

They have a strong belief in supporting local businesses and identifying the financial struggles of non-profits and created a natural marriage of the two.

As soon as Pam told me about this project I wanted to be a part of it. As a mother of two boys myself, who have already left the nest, I have participated in my fair share of school fundraisers.

Don't you want to see new, fresh and LOCAL products available in your children's school fundraiser? Contact Full Circle Fundraising.

Want to be one of the local Makers featured on Full Circle Fundraising? Apply here.
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