Friday, February 6, 2015

Le Cube

Red Note Botanica - Le Cube
The busier you are, the more you’ll fall in love with our new BFF this Valentine’s Day - super fun and unique solid fragrance cube: Red Note Botanica - le cube de parfum.

Pop it into your purse or tote. It goes wherever you go. Refresh your fragrance and hydrate your skin with several (6-7) sensual sweeps across your pulse points, neck, decollete, back of knees,
inside arms, anywhere you want to be kissed. Natural shea butter, apricot, avocado and sunflower oils melt onto your skin, leaving it butter soft with long lasting fragrance. At the gym, office, around town, on a date, on a plane (no airline will refuse it, and you’ll
never worry about spills or breakage from glass bottles), treat your skin and delight your senses with luscious fragrance.

Red Note Botanica - Le Cube
*Every order comes with a red love note that holds treasures of the heart from artists and poets through time and around the world. Intimate sentiments, hopes and dreams pass from the uniquely heartfelt to exquisite connections and universal resonance. We think everyone needs red love notes, don’t you?

Ever wondered why when you spritz your skin with fragrance in the dry cold winter, it quickly dissipates into the air? Fragrance requires oil or moisture to linger on the skin.
Dry winter skin does not hold fragrance without first applying a moisturizing treatment. Guess what? Le cube de parfum is formulated with shea butter, sunflower, apricot and avocado oils, so the oils and butters are “built-in” for one easy step. We love simple!
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