Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Bath and Beauty from Phytoceane

Phytoceane Bora Bora Bath
New skincare and bath products from Phytoceane.

PHYTOCÉANE'S new Bora-Bora Bath takes you on sensory journey to paradise. Give your body a true treatment as you relax and remineralize in your own sea of serenity.

Perfect for enhancing the youth and radiance of your skin. The Pistacia Resin Oil, star cross-range ingredient of their new youth line, allows the epidermis to regain firmness and density. Thanks to "radiance" pigments, the skin is more beautiful and luminous from the very 1st application.

Enjoy its lightweight and silky texture, perfect for everyday use. Exceptional for summer use when a lighter lotion is desired.


Phytoceane YOUTH SMOOTHING CREAMThe Pistacia oil, the star ingredient of Phytocéane's new anti-aging range, has the exceptional capacity to restore your skin. A very effective cocktail combining the Pistacia oil and powerful marine ingredients, this Youth Smoothing Cream works to smooth lines, enhance skin elasticity and firmness. Day after day, the skin is toned and visibly more beautiful.


Phytoceane NIGHT RENEWAL CREAMThis revolutionary formula is enriched with an unprecedented ingredient: Pistacia Resin Oil, from the Chios Island in Greece. Approved by 100% of volunteers*, this concentrate of powerful marine ingredients is effective against all signs of aging. Your skin is regenerated, your facial features are visibly tightened and your complexion is fresh and luminous.
Melting and delicately perfumed, Night Renewal Cream brings comfort and nutrition throughout the night.

*Satisfaction evaluated on 24 women of 45 to 65 years-old, after twice-daily application during 28 days.
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