Thursday, September 18, 2014

Lipstick Launch

I am SO excited to announce that StormSister Spatique is launching its own lipstick collection!

StormSister Spatique - StormSisters - Lips AccessorizedThe collection is called, StormSisters.  14 shades named after 14 "sisters" - women who have been extraordinarily influential to my StormSister Spatique brand.

I have always believed that lipstick is an accessory. We should wear colors that we love and that make us happy or put a spring in our step - Colors that are trendy and fun and what we find beautiful.

We should not wear shades based on the archaic notion that our lipstick should accent our skin tone (Spring, summer, winter, fall) or our hair color. (Seriously, what credentials does the Avon lady or  those pink-Cadillac-driving women have anyway?) NONE.

Lips Accessorized.  If you want to wear the color. Wear it.
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