Friday, June 13, 2014

Honestly, AHNESTI

We have been working with a brand new haircare line we believe you are gonna love. We certainly do!

AHNESTI Professional Hair Care.

They are transparent with their consumers and honest in their business practices. They provide full ingredient listings and sourcing information directly on their website, and are receptive to consumer inquiries regarding their products and their supply and manufacturing.

All of their products are cruelty free. Their haircare range is vegan, with the exception of the Whipped Paste which contains certified organic beeswax. They do not test on animals or ask others to do so on their behalf, and none of their raw materials have been subject to safety testing on animals as a part of their formulation process.

Now, a little bit about my experience.

As you know, I'm not a big fan of washing my hair - It's thick and takes about 20 minutes to dry with a hair dryer That's just getting it dry! Add styling and that takes another ten. I do it as little as possible and must admit, I was surprised at how integriti REPLENISHING SHAMPOO lathered at my first attempt. I washed it twice simply because I couldn't believe how thorough I felt the first wash was (that never happens). Seriously, because I only wash my hair once every two weeks or so, I have to "lather, rinse, repeat" about 4 times to get my hair clean. (I use dry shampoo, curl balm, etc., to keep my hair in shape between shampoos. So, a lot of products = several shampoo attempts) Best of all, my hair felt great and performed very well after I applied all of my usual styling products. (I use a lot - I'm a product whore)

Here is more info on the integriti REPLENISHING SHAMPOO:

A signature blend of organic plant extracts helps repair past damage and adds shine and nutrients, including superstar horsetail extract, a boon for damaged hair.
• Grapeseed and jojoba oils cushion the hair as it is cleansed, creating virtually zero damage while dirt and debris are effectively lifted away
• Aloe vera and vegetable glycerin draw needed moisture to the hair and add additional softness
• Richly-lathering, color-protecting formula contains no sulfates. pH of 4.5-5.0.

• Use as a hydrating cleanser to purify and balance normal/dry skin types

Ok, so let's talk about the other products I have used. Before I used the shampoo, I was using the eterniti HAIR & SCALP REFRESHER for about 5-6 days (as it wasn't time to shampoo yet). I have never used a product quite like this. Lorri, the maverick behind AHNESTI. told me to use it in place of my dry shampoo (gasp!).
It's a liquid, the exact opposite of what I need, or so I thought. She said to give the parts of my hair that get greasy between shampoos a couple of sprays and then zap with the blow dryer.
She was right! Good as new!  After I used the blow dryer (for about 30 seconds) I applied a bit of the Whipped Paste (scrunched into my ends), then a little hair spray. Done!

Here is more info on the eterniti HAIR & SCALP REFRESHER:

Some days, shampooing just simply isn’t an option. Other times, hair simply needs a refresh—after a long, intense workout, (or not washing your hair very often ;o) for example. This unique spray actually works to remove dirt and oils from the hair, instead of just absorbing them, in doing so, it also adds volume to hair that has fallen flat.
Botanical extracts and a special, non-damaging organic lavender alcohol effectively purify while a coconut-derived cleanser removes debris and builds volume that has been lost since the last wash.
Hair feels clean and smells amazing. 100% Naturally-derived.

 • Certified organic alcohol, denatured with pure lavender flowers (we LOVE Lavender), is an effective purifier,  deodorizer, and sanitizer for hair, scalp and beyond
• Coco glucoside removes dirt and debris from hair (with damp/dry cloth)
• Our signature blend of organic plant extracts helps cleanse and sanitize hair/scalp/skin

Part hair in the desired area of application. Holding nozzle roughly 4 inches from scalp, spray at the root; repeat this process on all desired areas of scalp, then massage in with fngertips. Finish by rubbing area of application gently with a dry/damp cloth to remove excess product. Tis step is essential to the efective removal of oils and debris. Blow dry for best results.

• Use as an organic hand and surface sanitizing spray
• Use as a purifying, non-toxic and aluminum-free deodorant (what!? This is next on my list of things to try)

More info on the authoriti WHIPPED PASTE:

For shorter hairstyles or hair in need of a more significant amount of hold/control, our Whipped  Paste is ideal. Also appropriate to add volume at the root for long hairstyles. Powered by a breakthrough blend of plant-based hold agents, this product creates medium-firm pliable hold with a satin matte finish—all without any synthetic polymers. Total formula is 72% organic & 99.8% Naturally-derived.

• Cruelty-free beeswax and tapioca starch are whipped together to create an airy, non-greasy paste that builds workable, lasting hold
• Shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut fatty acid add conditioning without a greasy feel

Emulsify a small amount of product between fingertips, then smooth through the hair to create the desired shape/hold pattern. If needed, add additional product. As this product is truly weightless and non-oily, it is not necessary to avoid contact with roots; in fact, product applied to roots of finer hair types will create lasting lift and volume. Can be used on wet or dry hair. Safe for all ages. 

• Mix this product with our Intuitive Styling Gel to create lighter, more emollient hold with a natural finish 
• Apply to particularly chapped skin, such as the knuckles or heels, to re-moisturize and repair

We are beyond thrilled to carry this product line and can't wait for you to try it too!

At the time of this post, I have not tried the Gel or Conditioner.
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