Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What's your 50?

We are so thrilled and honored to be featured in the inaugural issue of e-zine, Promise50 - page 3 - Want to clean up our environment? Try a 3-way.

I truly believe that I do a lot to tread nicely on Mommy Nature. Then I read this article and was so inspired and enlightened to do more - SO MANY suggestions I hadn't even thought of. Wow!

Get your copy.

Our friend Sasha Westin, of Fabuliss, is also featured with tips on buying clothes that last. Great stuff.

Make a Promise. Promise 50.
It's easier than you think and a fun "challenge" for the new year.

I will consume 50% less: Of disposable goods and products designed with built-in obsolescence. Of carbon-burning activities, except when absolutely necessary. Of wants instead of needs. Of clutter that clouds my psyche as it pollutes our world.

I will waste 50% less: Of unnecessary packaging and other “instant garbage” –items designed to be used once and then tossed. Of non-compostable materials and even of recycling—which is often not recycled at all.

I will seek 50% more joy: More money and time to spend on my family and friends, on worthy work and play, on helping others and on enjoying the world around me. More satisfaction that I’m making a difference, living with integrity and leading for others who either cannot or will not.
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