Friday, September 6, 2013

Night Peel

Vie Collection Night Peel
A dual time-release action to peel while you sleep.

Vie Collection NIGHT PEEL - Progressive Resurfacing Cream As the Cosmeceutical Expert, VIE revolutionizes skin regeneration with the NEW NIGHT PEEL - It’s initial glycolic peel action is followed by a time-release gradual acid peel for gentle, continuous resurfacing throughout the night.

This ultra-soft night version of the chemical peel is a modern balm with a creamy texture that offers complete exfoliation to the skin. Its formula is enriched with benchmark acids and has a progressive diffusion to act continuously all through the night. Each morning the complexion appears more luminous and even. After one month the skin looks renewed.

VISIBLE RESULTS - watch video.
- Brightness of complexion increases by up to +300%*
- Evenness of skin tone increases by up to +300%*
*Clinical scoring carried out to assess the effect of Nigh Time Peel on the brightness and evenness of the complexion after applying it once a day in the evening for 28 days

Ingredients: ENCAPSULATED GLYCOLIC ACID: progressive and controlled exfoliation night after night.
GLYCOPERFECT: skin enhancing complex designed to accelerate cell renewal.
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