Thursday, August 1, 2013

Proper Eye Cream Application

Proper eye cream application
excerpt from American Spa magazine by Jennifer Barnes.

To ensure lasting results, it’s not enough just to provide top-notch skincare; you also need to teach clients how to maintain their skin at home, especially the delicate area around the eye. National educator and licensed esthetician Victoria Piotrowski’s step-by-step eye cream application instructions make it easy.

*Wash face with a gentle cleanser.

*Use a natural toner to balance pH of skin.

*Apply any other serums to the face, neck, and décolleté, allowing them to completely absorb.

*Using your ring finger, apply small dots of the eye cream around the eye, above the eye up to the brow bone area, and under the eye.
Gently tap the cream in to stimulate circulation until you feel it absorb.
You can also gently massage in circular motions, but be mindful to not pull or stretch the delicate skin around the eye.

*Finish with a face moisturizer with SPF for day or rich moisturizer for night.
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