Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Chapped Lips?

A post we for Fizzniche and Smile Inforum.

Do you constantly battle with chapped lips? Remedy this today.

Inventory all of your lip balms and glosses and pitch all  that list “petrolatum” or “mineral oil” as an ingredient. While you’re at it, look up all the ingredients and if any of the ingredients don’t come from a natural source, get rid of it. Buy lip balms with plant-based oils, beeswax, etc.

Petroleum ingredients just sit on the lips. Natural ingredients heal.

Begin your day with an application of lip balm  in the morning when you get up. (Keep a balm by your bed.) Reapply after brushing your teeth and after each meal, throughout the day.

The most important application? Right before bed. Our bodies are healing and rejuvenating when we sleep so give that pucker a little lip nutrition at bedtime.

Reapply after any hanky-panky ;o)

Once this routine is a habit, chapped lips will be history.
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