Friday, January 4, 2013

Phytoceane for Hair

•  Gently cleans hair
•  Leaves it supple and full of natural radiance
•  Facilitates styling
•  Restores softness and shine

·        Gentle Shampoo: gentle cleanses hair, soft and brilliant, easy to rinse and leaves hair supple

·        Conditioning Care: hydrates, adds nourishment, smoothes and detangles hair

---Exclusive Ingredients---

·         French Lavender

·         Cistus

·         Helichrysum: Protects the scalp from redness and irritation by boosting the production of B-endorphin (soothing molecules)

·         Jania Rubens

Objectives: simple hair care to complement their current skin care, for locker rooms, good for all hair types, marine and vegetal components and fresh marine scent.
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