Saturday, December 29, 2012

Yummy and Luxe

Two new products we're carrying here at StormSister Spatique: Bodylish Yum and Luxe bars.

What ARE the Yum and LUXE Moisture Bars?
By nora at Bodylish.

We broke the paradigm coming up with a product for the shower that would deeply penetrate, super moisturize and protect skin. We developed the super awesome, super delicious, skin soothing Yum and LUXE moisture bars. They are a bit hard to imagine until you use one, then WOW … an instant daily care favorite.

Delicious for Skin - Yum & LUXE
These products are a solid lotion for the shower, NOT a soap. They are made with a combination of Shea butter and Cocoa butter, both known for their abilities to moisturize skin. We recommend bringing them into the shower. When your pores are open in the warm shower water, you just rub your skin with the Yum or the LUXE, then rinse. The result? Amazing soft, supple skin.

We formulated the Yum to exfoliate skin with sea salt and freshly ground Cardamom powder, and we added a most delicious combination of Sweet Orange, Eucalyptus essential oils.

The LUXE was formulated for ultra soothing, skin loving goodness by infusing the Shea butter with Vanilla Beans, and adding a combination of Vanilla, Black Pepper and Pink Grapefruit essential oils. - we've been told that this bar makes a great personal lubricant ;o)

They both smell great, are made with pure essential oils and botanicals, and are solid (no plastic bottles with which to taint the product or contend with after use).

Once these products are understood , they are adored and loved. Try one, you’ll like it!

We suggest that after you shower, you lightly towel off and rub the oils into your skin before getting dressed. They are luscious and your skin is going to feel just amazing!
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