Saturday, October 20, 2012

History of Badger

 Carpenters Paul, Anton, & Badger Bill brave the elements, 1989.

How Badger Balm was started...

"Back in the winter of 1993, I was a carpenter with cracked fingers. I spent much of my time banging nails outside in some pretty harsh conditions. I also loved working with herbs and natural remedies. This turned out to be a fortunate coincidence: as fate would have it, I went into my kitchen and made up a batch of what later became Badger Healing Balm. It healed my fingers and a business was born.

I was going to call the first product "Bear Paw" but the name was already taken! At first I was disappointed, but then the name "Badger" came to me, as if in a dream, and I knew it was the right choice. The Badger is a healing totem: The Root Gatherer, with a deep knowledge of the secrets of the root and herb kingdoms; fierce and effective in defense of the self and family, and persistent in overcoming obstacles, successfully seeing projects through to the end." -Badger Bill
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